When Opportunity Meets Preparation

success-opp-prepSo as teachers, we exist essentially to create engaging and powerful learning opportunities for our students.

Anyone with even a long distance view of educational research will know that there are a million things out there which could claim to help you on the road to achieving this.  In fact often the ‘noise’ in such areas is overwhelming.

Recently, I have been handed the opportunity to visit Nanjing, China to learn alongside prominent PYP PE Teacher Andy Vasily.  From the outset, I have been reminded about the importance of the simple act of planning.

The awesome quote here from the late American Author (and genius) Zig Ziglar, in many ways describes a key ingredient to Andy’s success.

By success I mean, how he enables quality learning, every day, in every experience for every learner in his classes.

We know teaching is a very complicated business, and so it’s hard to pin point exactly how this is achieved (otherwise we’d be rich, right?) But it’s clear to see inspiration, fun, surprises, unpredictability, an established set of rules/ strong learning culture and an overwhelming belief in “something greater than simply running around a gym”, lies at the heart of his success.

Before I even arrived in China, about 4 weeks prior, Andy started talking to me about his idea for the first set of lessons in the Athletics unit we are co-teaching.  The basis of which was to develop qualities in the students like appreciation, grit and determination.

All of this through through the humble 100m sprint.

This was eventually, ever-so-carefully, planned specifically but not inflexibly involving two #pegeeks, a bunch of excited students and a bike.


We were too.

Take a look what (learning) happened….


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